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  1. Financial Restraint

The budding entrepreneur delays their own gratification to maximize return. If you want to see a failed wannabe entrepreneur, look for one who's spending frivolously


  1. Develop skills that compound

Entrepreneurs even think of their own skills as an investment; whatever time they put in should have the greatest possible return. For example: creating software, leading others, spotting future trends. They are typically self-taught, and diligently so. They work to make themselves the type of person who would be wealthy


  1. Own Assets that Compound

The sweat of your own brow will rarely make you rich. As entrepreneurs soon realize, the most efficient vehicle is generally ownership of a company; your own efforts combine with others. Bill Gates may be smart, but he was never going to earn $50 billion from freelance programming. For this reason, smart entrepreneurs hang on to every precious percent of ownership as if it were their last breath


  1. Time & Attention Conscious

Time and attention are the only truly finite constraints — incalculably precious and easily squandered. Successful entrepreneurs are absurdly conscious of the fact, and tend to become highly organized, intolerant of inefficiency and laser-focused. Many famous figures famously wear the same outfit every day (Zuckerberg, Jobs), claiming that anything else is an unnecessary waste of their attention


  1. Positive Realists

To make smart gambles — and that's what becoming successful entails — you need an honest appreciation of odds that few possess. Many of life's truths are uncomfortable, complicated or counterintuitive, and it takes real effort to discern otherwise. But in the absence of perfect information, it helps to see the world in a positive light. Pessimists make poor entrepreneurs


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